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Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey

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Please Call: (732) 902-2181

312 Amboy Avenue, 2nd Floor

Metuchen, New Jersey 08840




(732) 902-2181

(732) 902-2182

88 Orchard Road, Suite 5

Skillman, New Jersey 08558

206 Claremont Avenue, 2nd Floor

Montclair, New Jersey 07042

205 Broad Street

Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

Edward Callaghan, Ph.D.

(201) 926-3295

Jacklin Aydin, LPC

Meera Bhatt, LPC

Gayle Brown, LCSW

Shanique Curry, LPC

Kathryn Engle Wu, LCSW

Jodi Feldman, LCSW

Evan Guetz, LAC

Beatrice Keseru, LPC

Lindsey Mattsson, LPC

Courtney Monahan, LAC

Ashley Nassar, LSW

Nicole Paiva, LCSW

Juhi Patel, LCSW

Laura Pinter, LCSW

Carol Potozney, LPC

Lori Rush, LCSW

Rachel Schwartz, LPC

Brooke Sikorski, LCSW

Suzy Takvorian, LPC

Emil Vernarec, LPC

Gershon Weiss, LPC

Melissa Zehner, LCSW

Thomas Hollenbach, Ph.D.

(908) 616-5796

Belinda Amatekpor, LPC

Joselyn Berrios, LSW

Jbid Bozoglan, LCSW

Matthew Buragina, LSW

Liza Davidson, LCSW

Alicia Feghhi, LAC

Tricia T. Floyd, LCSW

Jessica Jordan, LCSW

Beatrice Keseru, LPC

Mary McCann, LAC

Patricia Moseley, LAC

Aleza Paclarin, LCSW

Jimmy Passe, LPC

Zavel Philip, LPC

Sue Ploski, LAC

Karen Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Pamela Schott, LCSW

Destiny Sharack, LSW

Amia Sylvester, LSW

Aileen Torres, LPC

Jay Weintraub, LCSW

Kerri-Ann Wilson-Jones, LAC