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Integrative Therapy Institute

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Teletherapy Services

Online Therapy and Counseling Services at ITI-NJ

We, at the Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey are excited to announce that we have now fully adopted teletherapy over secure platforms as an available option for all of our clients to receive their therapy services.  This new online therapy service allows clients residing anywhere in NJ to now meet with any of our therapists working at any of our six locations.  And because online video counseling is broadly covered by most insurance companies, this service has been embraced by the great majority of our client base.  In fact, Integrative Therapy Institute has been contending with a significant increase in referrals to our practice since the start of the pandemic, as more and more clients discover the convenience and time-savings of teletherapy.  Moreover, because of its popularity among our client base and because it is covered by most insurance plans, the Integrative Therapy Institute will continue to offer online therapy as a treatment option to all of our covered clients after the pandemic is over.  Even for clients meeting regularly in person, their therapist's online counseling sessions can be held as a convenient alternative when the circumstances call for it.

In early 2020, when the pandemic swept across New Jersey, Integrative Therapy, like mental health providers across the country, was confronted by the unprecedented challenge of transforming all of our therapy services from a traditional, in person model, to a remote service delivery one. Within days of the lockdown order our therapists mobilized to adapt to the new circumstances and began to offer regularly scheduled confidential teletherapy as a routine service for their clients.  Likewise, across the country, a monumental shift occurred within the field of mental health as teletherapy became broadly adopted as a standard method of conducting psychotherapy sessions.  And although many of our clients will continue to prefer traditional in person therapy at one of our office locations, many of our existing clients have begun to also see the benefits that accompany online psychotherapy conducted online. In particular, many clients appreciate the benefit of not having to travel to a therapist office and await to be seen. Others appreciate the benefit of increased privacy and not having to worry about being spotted in the waiting room by someone they knew. And for many, the time saved by not traveling to and from the office is extremely valuable, especially if they’ve worked all day and wanted to spend the evening at home with family.

If you or someone you know is thinking about starting psychotherapy and would like to know more about Integrative Therapy’s online therapy & counseling services and whether or not your insurance plan will cover it, we encourage you to contact our main number (732-902-2181) and speak directly with our intake specialist.  Our intake specialist will answer all of your questions and contact your insurance provider directly and determine whether your plan provides coverage for it.

The Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey offers psychotherapy on-site in one of our four office locations, as well as Online Therapy video conference chat though-out New Jersey, also known as Teletherapy.  The Institute has seven offices, our headquarters and satellite office in Metuchen in Middlesex County, our offices in Montclair and Upper Montclair in Essex County, our Red Bank office in Monmouth County, and our Skillman/Princeton office serving Somerset and Mercer Counties.

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