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Integrative Therapy Institute

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Parent Counseling

At the Integrative Therapy Institute we provide treatment for children of all ages and for adolescents, and we also offer parent counseling.  Our parent counseling sessions may be with parents alone, or they may be sessions with parents and children together, in which we teach and practice specific techniques such as limit-setting or active listening.  In some cases we alternate the two.  We usually offer parent counseling along with individual treatment for a child or adolescent, but sometimes we feel that parent counseling sessions by themselves will be sufficient.

Parent counseling, whether on-site or via a teletherapy video conference chat, is most often needed in the areas of discipline and communication.  When people become parents they quickly realize that their children don’t always do what they want, and they usually respond to this either by following their own emotional reactions to this, or by copying the behaviors of their own parents.  Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t work, we will teach you what does.  We teach parents to set clear limits with clear consequences that are not too severe.  We also teach parents not to get upset while doing this because discipline is a normal part of being a parent.  In general we recommend setting up a family structure that is neither adult-centered nor child-centered, but rather is fairness-centered.  We find that this prevents feelings of either alienation or over-entitlement from developing in children, while fostering both the spirit and the skills of cooperation.

With communication, we teach parents how to

listen and ask questions in a way that keeps

lines of communication open.  We teach parentsto avoid being judgmental in a way that is shaming or demeaning, but also to render judgments in ethical areas when needed.

We also offer counseling to parents in specific areas such as learning disabilities, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, and psychiatric disorders.  With adolescents, we also offer parent counseling on sexual issues, alcohol and substance use issues, and college admissions.  

Thomas B. Hollenbach, Ph.D.  

The Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey offers psychotherapy on-site in one of our four office locations, as well as Online Therapy video conference chat though-out New Jersey, also known as Teletherapy.  The Institute has seven offices, our headquarters and satellite office in Metuchen in Middlesex County, our offices in Montclair and Upper Montclair in Essex County, our Red Bank office in Monmouth County, and our Skillman/Princeton office serving Somerset and Mercer Counties.

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