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Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common disorders treated at the Integrative Therapy Institute. Depression is typically marked by depressed mood, diminished interest in activities, social withdrawal, low energy, feelings of hopelessness, and (in severe cases) recurrent thoughts of death and suicide.  Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of forms including the most common form of generalized anxiety in which day-to-day activities become a struggle for clients because they are riddled with worries that are difficult to control and may be accompanied by feelings of restlessness, edginess, difficulties concentrating, fatigue, and/or difficulties with sleep. Other common anxiety disorders include obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and panic disorder. In all of these kinds of anxiety, recurrent and excessive worries of physical or social risk plague the client and leads to a daily battle with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

Here at the Integrative Therapy Institute, we adopt a very direct approach to assisting our clients with these difficulties. If a client is struggling with depression, we work very closely with the person in a compassionate and supportive role to help them to understand the sources of their depression and to begin to work towards liberating themselves from it. Some of this work may include an exploration of childhood experiences as well as an analysis of more recent losses, disappointments, and life stressors.

If you or someone you know is thinking about starting psychotherapy to address issues related to depression and/or anxiety we encourage you to contact our main number (732-902-2181) and speak directly with our intake specialist.  Our intake specialist will answer all of your questions and contact your insurance provider directly to determine your coverage.  We would also encourage you to look over the “Problems that Usually Need Psychotherapy or Psychiatry Treatment” page of our website for more information on depression and anxiety disorders.  Additionally, we encourage you to look over our “Introduction to Comprehensive Integrative Psychotherapy – CIP” page of our website to learn more about Integrative Therapy Institute’s newly developed method for treating clients with chronic anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. It is a novel integrative method developed by Dr. Hollenbach that provides a unique approach to conceptualizing and treating a range of treatment concerns resulting from negative life experiences during childhood and adolescence.

The Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey offers psychotherapy on-site in one of our four office locations, as well as Online Therapy video conference chat though-out New Jersey, also known as Teletherapy.  The Institute has seven offices, our headquarters and satellite office in Metuchen in Middlesex County, our offices in Montclair and Upper Montclair in Essex County, our Red Bank office in Monmouth County, and our Skillman/Princeton office serving Somerset and Mercer Counties.

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Throughout the course of therapy our clinicians work collaboratively with the client to get to the bottom of the depression and develop a plan to address unresolved conflicts, grieve painful losses, and do away with negative thinking and behavioral patterns that foster and maintain the depression.  Similarly, with anxiety, our clinicians help our clients to understand the underlying sources of their feelings of self-doubt and insecurity and work with them to identify and challenge these unconscious beliefs and cognitions. We also help them to uncover the courage and strength to overcome these restrictive thinking patterns and move their lives in a direction towards greater self-confidence and greater feelings of control over the important relationships and events in their lives.