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How to Use Your Insurance (or if you lack health insurance)

As of this writing many people still do not have health insurance. If you are in this situation and cannot pay therapists their full fees, then there are alternatives. A number of private therapists have sliding scales for their fees, meaning that they will charge less for patients

who have less ability to pay. Even with a sliding scale, however, this may be fairly expensive.

In most areas you can find a community mental health center that will offer low-fee therapy with a sliding scale that is usually lower than that found with private therapists. In such clinics many of the therapists are still in training and working under supervision. Supervision is usually pretty good in these places and the therapists are often new to the field, enthusiastic and very highly motivated.

A similar option that most people are unaware of is a training clinic attached to a doctoral program for psy-

chologists. Many doctoral programs have such clinics, and trainees working there have a very small number of cases and are supervised quite closely by licensed psychologists. The fees are usually extremely low. Search engines like Google can tell you what doctoral programs in clinical or counseling psychology are in your area.

Thomas B. Hollenbach, Ph.D.


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